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Casa Berlín

Casa Berlin is part of a Porcelanosa Partner real estate development project that offers the great opportunity to live in a flat of exceptional quality, fully equipped with the best materials in the centre of the city of León. Comfort, design and avant-garde are its hallmarks.

Casa Berlín 1
Casa Berlín 2


This was a global project, where we addressed all the company’s needs from scratch. The main challenge, from which we started, was to create a name for the building that would highlight and identify all the main differentiating elements, giving it its own personality. The name had to reflect the key points of the construction along with the connotations it sought to convey to its target audience: high standing, avant-garde, central location and reference to León. This residential project seeks to be a reference for a lifestyle in the city of León.


After the meeting with the client and an exhaustive process of searching for information, we prepared a counter-briefing with the most important milestones of the project and the objectives sought. We proceeded to several days of creative brainstorming based on the briefing and then applied selection/discrimination techniques to the most relevant names obtained in this process. The final name obtained had to fulfill its functionality, which is to give a name to a building and transmitting the qualities of it being of high quality and avant-garde, centrally located and linked to León. 

Casa Berlín 3

This building is located in the Gil y Carrasco street, which was named after one of the most representative historical characters of the province of León. Gil y Carrasco was ambassador of Spain in Berlin, where he died on the 22nd of February. Our building is located at number 2, and has two entrances to the building, one next to the other but with the same number, so that on the facade of the building you can see a 22. With the word Berlín we transmit this link to León, and without a doubt it is one of the most representative and avant-garde cities in the world. And finally, placing “Casa” (house) in front of the name, settles it and makes it concrete, rounding off this naming process.

With the name of the building accepted by the client, the next step was to design its complete corporate image, focused on continuing to transmit all these differentiating elements of this housing development.

Casa Berlín 4
Imagen corporativa para Casa Berlín en León
Casa Berlín 5

A created naming and a designed corporate image allowed us to move on to the design of the different adaptations necessary for the realization and production of all the brand’s corporate stationery and promotional materials of the project as well as the integral development of its website.

Casa Berlín 6