Digital gamification in Education for Development





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FAIRTRADEGAMES.COM is the most complete online and interactive Fair Trade and Responsible Consumption games website. It is a website in Spanish and English with almost 100 free educational games designed for teachers to teach children the basic criteria of Fair Trade, what it means and how they can participate in this change in consumption towards a more responsible, fairer and happier world. 1 2

What was our challenge?

We faced a comprehensive challenge from scratch. The NGO Mundo Ético addressed us with this unique, new and exciting idea. A modern and daring didactic proposal to get teachers, educators, parents and children involved in such a solidary and current issue as Fair Trade and Responsible Consumption. The NGO proposed to create a digital tool, mainly for teachers of Spanish and English, with which they could teach these concepts to children in the most attractive and fun way possible, to generate acceptance and linkage to the tool and the concepts it transmits and so that children could learn while playing. Mundo Ético wanted to offer it free of charge for universal access, accessible from anywhere and in any digital medium. It should be easy to use and interactive to allow the participation of its users. It is the idea of learning by playing through gamification. 3

What did we do?

After making a study of what already exists, which was not much in this case, emphasizing with the way in which teachers usually face these contents and learning all the details of Fair Trade and Responsible Consumption, we start to design the action plan. 4

The first thing was to look for a good name, one that was as direct as possible, that could be registered in Spanish and English and that was unique. Once we had found the name, we designed an image that was aimed at children and was accompanied by easy and direct web development, with a user experience adapted to this audience. 5 6

Once the brand and the digital environment were done, we generated each of the games, all their content and programmed each of them specifically for this project. Programming both the web and each game in a responsive way, to be used in class or out of class in any platform.

As a result, we achieved a modern and up-to-date gamification project, with an excellent user experience adapted to our client’s objectives. 7 8