DO León


From 2015


Graphic design, Design production, Branding, Social media, Web, Video, Media plan

DO León

Do León is the body that manages the Regulatory Council of the wines of León, and represents the Designation of Origin (DO) whose production area is located in the southeast of the province of León, Castilla y León, (Spain), to which other municipalities in the bordering provinces of Zamora and Valladolid are also attached. It is the second largest DO in the province of León in terms of production data and vineyard area. Wines from León have as their main native grape the Albarín for whites and the Prieto Picudo for rosés and reds.


¿Cuál fue nuestro reto?

DO León is made up of around 30 wineries that produce wines from León and which are an important generator of employment and wealth in the area, as well as a sign of identity of León’s culture and gastronomy. Therefore, feeling so representative of León and with the only objective of supporting and pushing León through its lean years, its population having decreased drastically in recent years and being affected by a strong deindustrialization, the DO León contacted us to design a campaign to energize and improve the spirit of León’s citizens, so that working together they could improve the future of their province.

¿Qué hicimos nosotros?

We received this great challenge with illusion and confidence believing that it would help improve the attitude and disposition of the people of León when facing their future challenges as a society and recognizing themselves in their own history and present and past successes.


The first thing we did was to create a brand that would generate a sense of belonging in the public. A young and modern brand that the people of León would like to wear and show off with pride. This is how #IDOLEÓN was born: with the hashtag to reach the young public and with a very clean image. In addition to integrating the message “Haz León” (Do León), I make León, within the message itself and separating it visually with colours, we included the brand of the promoter of the DO León campaign, our client.


Once we had created the brand, we thought about how to generate expectation in order to capture society’s attention and the idea was to do a teaser campaign using only the image and hashtag created, without further explanation. We included it in online and offline media, urban mupis, sticker mailings, etc. and this created great uncertainty and a desire to know what it was all about.  All this redirected to a web that only showed a countdown, which created even more interest.


To give more strength to the result of this campaign, we created a manifesto. A strong copy that appealed to the emotions and the feeling of belonging to the province, which further reinforced our message of making León, the fundamental pillar of Do León.


But a message alone was not strong enough, so we made a thorough study of the historical landmarks of León and the most representative people who could transmit these values, and we began to collect them and contact them to create a unifying thread and create a powerful message. So we made a video manifesto that we revealed at a party, coinciding with the end of the counter that we had created on the web. The video of the #IDOLEON manifesto on social networks soon became viralized like very few others in León to this date. The video shows historical moments of overcoming and struggle of León, with recognizable characters like Jesús Calleja, Lidia Valentín, Café Quijano, …