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Recently, Turismo de León has been making a major effort to promote the city of León as an ideal destination to visit. Although many times it is not the first destination that comes to mind, reality shows that it is a destination that surprises and that visitors return.

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What was our challenge?

Considering the situation in 2020, the confinement and the pandemic have marked the creative line of many destinations in their campaigns to reactivate tourism in their cities. On this occasion, we had to manage to reactivate visits to León, and remain in the minds of people who were thinking of making a trip, but avoiding the very similar messages that were surfacing throughout the geography within the context of covid-19. Therefore, the main objective was to show León as a unique and unequalled destination, with its own idiosyncrasy.

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What did we do?

We thought of a timeless campaign. A campaign that we could use in spite of the moment we lived through. But it also had to be an attractive campaign, one that would attract attention at a critical time for tourism. We wanted to develop a different campaign, one that would not leave the recipient indifferent. In short, a campaign that would arouse curiosity and that would make it clear that León is different, with unique and unexpected things, and that if you would like to get to know it, you would have to come in person, because what you can find in León, you will not be able to see in other destinations.

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Thus, we relied on four lines of communication that would make a difference with respect to other destinations. Gastronomy, with unique elements such as cecina or the albarín grape; history, with unique and often unknown monuments; unique traditions and festivals; and an outstanding cultural component.


And to close the campaign, we had to think of a claim that would convey the unique and surprising concept of destination that we wanted to promote, moving away from repeated phrases and concepts in destination marketing. Something simple, direct and convincing: León is not a franchise; there is only one León.

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Subsequently, a national media plan is implemented, appearing both in outdoor advertising circuits in Madrid, Seville, Barcelona or Bilbao, as well as in conventional press and digital marketing, obtaining extraordinary scope and acceptance.

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