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Graphic design, Video and photography


The province of León is full of tourist resources, of possibilities for different types of visitors, different hobbies, interests and concerns. The Tourism Consortium of the Province of León is dedicated to promoting this province as a universal tourist destination, full of opportunities for all types of travellers.

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What was our challenge?

To show the great value of this province, its immensity, its great capacity to surprise everyone with extraordinary places, and to satisfy many different interests. Also, to face the current COVID context, it is necessary to take into account that many times it seems that we have to go far away to visit spectacular places or to live unique experiences, but we want to show that León offers a lot of surprising opportunities, and that it is within anyone’s reach.

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What did we do?

We looked for unique environments in the province, places that you only see on postcards and that leave you with your mouth open, but which, even if you don’t know it, are to be found all over the province of León. And to top it all off, a claim as simple as it is convincing: “Lo tienes cerca” (It’s close to you). And in the artwork, we give the solution, simple and familiar: “Esto es León” (This is León).

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We worked on the 5 main graphics that were to mark the campaign: Las Médulas de Ponferrada, Pantano de Casares, Castillo de los Templarios in Ponferrada, the Cathedral of León and Posada de Valdeón. We looked for 5 images that would convey immensity, surprise, and that would leave no one indifferent.

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Once the design was completed, we worked on adapting the campaign to meet the consortium’s media and promotional plan: mupis, Madrid’s metro, buses travelling to various points in Spain, …

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