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Oliva Clan

Oliva Clan is a kids line of olive products from the company Aceitunas Torrent, based in Aguilar de la Frontera in Córdoba. This range of products has received awards in various competitions, such as most innovative product or product of the year and also for its packaging, for its originality, …

Oliva Clan INT 1

It is characterised by a well-crafted look that includes a clan of characters that bring the full range of the product closer, with its liquid-free packaging and its different and exciting new flavours. With a clear positioning as a healthy, convenient and attractive children’s snack.

In addition to its national success, Oliva Clan has an extraordinary international recognition, available in many countries around us and even in third countries outside Europe.

What was the challenge?

The challenge was to present the benefits and characteristics of this range of snacks and for children to understand them in an attractive and natural way. So, together with the client, we created a 2D animated audiovisual series for their YouTube channel and other audiovisual media for their social networks.

The global challenge included creating the scripts and the whole setting, bringing their characters to life in a fun way through this series that presents the product in such an innovative, aesthetic and original way. All the chapters had to be developed in two languages and with a children’s and international audience in mind.

Oliva Clan INT 3

What did we do?

The entire project, with its three different phases of pre-production, production and post-production. All in constant contact with the client, who supervises both the quality and the suitability of the content to their global communication strategy.

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We began by studying the product and its target audience, in order to adapt the content that would be part of the stories in the videos. We then created the overall idea of the different chapters, and the specific scripts for each of them, including the characters, in this particular case, giving each of them a personality in line with their assigned flavour, aligned with the product itself. The idea was to convey the benefits of the snack through the videos.

Oliva Clan INT 8

With all this, we created the colour schemes, the stories, backgrounds and scenery, costumes, music and audio in both languages, … and we moved on to animation!

Finally, we proceeded to do the final editing, where we dealt with the different effects, titles and credits, sound and playback, … obtaining the final videos.