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San Juan de Dios de León Hospital

The San Juan de Dios de León Hospital belongs to the Orden Hospitalaria de San Juan de Dios, one of the largest health care groups in the world. In 2011 it was the protagonist of an important remodeling work that turned it into a modern hospital center and at the forefront of medicine in the province.

Salud 2000 Magazine 1
Salud 2000 Magazine 2

What was our challenge?

For years, the hospital had been publishing a magazine with content from the centre, which management wanted to modernise. From La Central we took a further step, and in addition to modernizing the layout, we understood that a publication with a recurring frequency could be a fantastic vehicle to help us with the communication objectives we were setting ourselves every year. Content related to the hospital, but of interest to all audiences. In other words, we had to make the magazine not only an internal communication material, but one that would go beyond the centre’s borders and reach the rest of the public.

Salud 2000 Magazine 3

What did we do?

The first thing we did was establish a new content structure. We developed a structure that would be repeated every month with coherence and continuity, hosting contents that, although always related to the hospital, would also be of general interest to all audiences: patients, partners, workers and the general public. 

Once the structure is defined, we layout the master magazine. A modern layout, which allowed us to be versatile, but that edition after edition respected the same style, always fulfilling the corporate canons.

Salud 2000 Magazine 4
Salud 2000 Magazine 5

Once we had the magazine, we established a new method of distribution, as one of the objectives was to reach the general public. Thus, we established the distribution of the magazine to patients, companies collaborating with the centre, centres in other provinces belonging to the hospital group and, of course, distribution in the hospital itself among staff and patients.

Salud 2000 Magazine 6

In order to widen the spectrum we reached, in 2015 we made the jump to the digital sphere, turning it also into a digital magazine, where we could transfer all the contents, being able to universalize the information.

Salud 2000 Magazine 7